Himaya 3-Ply Hijab Premium Medical Face Mask – French Romance

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Extra Protection Against Smog , Bacteria , Droplet , Pollen .

**Extra Soft For Sensitive Skin .

No-Graphene-coated Medical Face Mask

This medical face masks are graphene free. The supplied are highly medical grade with compliance to all necessary Malaysia’s Medical Devise Authority (MDA) regulatory.*

Product Usage of French Romance Mask

First, cover your mouth, nose and chin with the bottom-facing folds facing outwards. Next, you need to pinch the metal edge of the mask so it follows the contour of your nose bridge. Then, place the bottom headloop above your ears and the top headloop under your ears. Lastly, remove a used mask by holding only the headloops.

Product Concern of French Romance Mask

Make sure that it is used within the validity period.
Do not use if the inner plastic packaging is damage.
It is disposable and is recommend to change every 4 hours.
Storage of French Romance Mask

Recommend to store in a dry, ventilated environment with a temperature of -5°C to 50°C and a maximum relative humidity of less than 85%.

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