Neutrovis 4-Ply Premium Medical Face Mask 30s – Football Fiesta



In anticipation of the biggest football match since the pandemic, NEUTROVIS is hopping on the football fever trend with our Premium 4-ply Medical Face Mask. Support your favourite team with the Limited Edition Football Fiesta or Football Frenzy.

Features of the Football 4-ply Premium Medical Face Mask: :

1. 4 Layers of Comfort
Made with premium non-woven fabric for all-day comfort.

2. Ultra-gentle Ear loops
Our ultra-gentle ear loops are designed for long-lasting comfort to ease the pressure and discomfort on your ears even after a long day of wear.

3. Suitable for Sensitive Skin
Made of premium non-woven fabric, our face masks are ultra-soft and gentle on the skin and reduce skin irritation.


How to properly wear NEUTROVIS 4-ply Premium Medical Face Mask.

1. Cover your mouth, nose and chin with the branded side facing outwards.

2. Pinch the metal edge of the mask so that it follows the contour of your nose bridge.

3. Remove the used mask by holding only the ear loops.

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