A simple gesture of comfort for your loved ones to let them know that they are not alone.

Many that are going through hardships find it difficult to cope and even harder to reach out. A simple gesture of checking-in can help in more amazing ways than you can imagine. You can be the light to send hope. This carefully curated Neutrovis Green Ribbon Care Pack is perfect as a reminder to that someone who is struggling to show that you're here for them. We’ve put together superior protection essentials as we believe mental self-care starts with physical self-care. In challenging times, Neutrovis supports superior mental health awareness in the community by providing superior protection for increased peace-of-mind.

Neutrovis Limited Edition Green Ribbon Care Pack. A collaboration of Neutrovis and strategic partners in the mission to shed light on Mental Health Awareness.

Neutrovis Limited Edition Green Ribbon Face Mask in collaboration with KPJ.

A portion of the proceeds goes to the National Coalition for Mental Wellbeing (NCMW)

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