For adult use, except for those with heart and lung health issues. Those with allergies to non-woven fabrics are advised to use it with caution.

The medical face mask is disposable and cannot be reused. It is recommended that the user changes the mask every 4 hours. When removing the mask, fold and dispose of it appropriately, and wash your hands immediately.

No. Alcohol and sanitisers damage the quality and effectiveness of the melt blown filter fabric.

Do not use the mask if the inner packaging or the box is damaged. Use it as soon as the box is opened.

Yes, all our masks are medical grade, CE certified and MDA (Medical Device Authority) approved.

The Premium medical face mask is made of ultra-gentle earloops, and extra soft premium non-woven material that helps to reduce skin irritation from longwear, thus is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

The Neutrovis adult face mask size is 175mm x 95mm.

The Neutrovis kids face mask size is 145mm x 99mm.

The Neutrovis KF94 adult face respirator size is 200mm x 82mm.

You can visit our Facebook page where we have a series of photos and videos teaching you how to identify authentic and non-genuine Neutrovis face masks. 

For some series, we have put a QR Code Sticker on our packaging as well, which only authentic Neutrovisu products have. Currently this only applies to Premium 4-ply Masks such as Premium Black, Denim Blue, Hunter Green.

Should you find that the Neutrovis product that you have purchased is fake, kindly help us to fill in the below form so that we can proceed to the next step and investigate further:


If you have purchased the product from any of our authorised retailers, you can show the product defect to them, then return the product in exchange for a new one.

If you have purchased the product from our official website, please report this defect and we will get back to you on how we can exchange the product for you.

Kindly help us to fill in the form below for wholesales and we will get back to you as soon as we can:


Firstly, we would like to apologize for the issue you have faced in your order. Kindly fill up the details here http://bit.ly/neutroviscares so we can proceed to correct the issue immediately.

Kindly fill in the form on this link below for us to process your refund https://bit.ly/neutrovisrefund. Please allow us at least 2 weeks to a month for us to process this request as we only process refunds every 15th and 30th of the month.

Please look out for the below features that distinctly differentiates our product from a fake product:

  1. The bottom of the box is white
  2. Folds on the inside is white

We have posted a series of photos and videos on our Facebook pages which you can refer to as well.

You can buy your authentic Neutrovis Medical face mask from our website or any of the following authorised retailers in the country. 

  1. AA Pharmacy
  2. Aeon GMS
  3. Aeon Wellness
  4. Al-Ikhsan Sports Sdn. Bhd.
  5. ALLDAY Pharmacy
  6. Alpro Pharmacy
  7. AM PM Pharmacy
  8. Baby House Sdn. Bhd.
  9. Big Pharmacy
  10. Caring Pharmacy
  11. Chong Pharmacy
  12. Family Store
  13. Farmasi City Care Sdn. Bhd.
  14. Georgetown Pharmacy
  15. Guardian Pharmacy
  16. Health Lane Family Pharmacy
  17. HTM Pharmacy
  18. I-Health Pharmacy
  19. Leo Pharmacy
  20. Mediwell Pharmacy
  21. MegaKulim Pharmacy Sdn. Bhd.
  22. Multicare Pharmacy
  23. My Town Pharmacy
  24. Sasa
  25. Shine Pharmacy
  26. Siang Pharmacy Sdn. Bhd.
  27. Straits Pharmacy
  28. Sunway Pharmacy
  29. Ting Pharmacy
  30. Unicare Pharmacy
  31. Watsons
  32. Welling’s Pharmacy Sdn. Bhd.
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